Frequently asked questions:

What is a G.W. Cobb company tank?

A Cobb tank is a package-type custom-built storage system that provides everything needed for automatic bulk handling of liquid product. Each unit is available in horizontal or vertical design and constructed for indoor or outdoor use. It is a completely self-contained unit, consisting of a drum and attached, fully accessible equipment compartment. Each unit comes completely prewired and equipped with all necessary pump(s), heaters, air sterilization unit and all necessary valves, fill line opening, house line opening and controls based on specific product and customer facility requirements.

How is a Cobb Tank constructed?

Cobb tanks are constructed from either 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel or carbon steel with a FDA/USDA approved food-grade coating. The exterior of the tanks are layered with temperature-regulating insulation and covered with a weatherproof aluminum jacket. The interior of the equipment compartment and entire exterior of the unit is then epoxy primed and finished with an enamel coating. Our tanks are heavily constructed to combat fatigue and to sustain overall longevity. Our tank drums are engineered to last for decades, in a variety of harsh environments and changing product requirements.

What type of products will a Cobb tank handle?

Product type is a critical factor in determining equipment requirements. Cobb tanks are constructed to be adaptable to a wide variety of food-grade and some non-food grade bulk liquids. The G. W Cobb Company has over 60 years of experience successfully handling different liquid products and we consistently continue to meet the challenge of successfully handling the newest products constantly being introduced into the marketplace.

What is included in a turnkey system?

A turnkey Cobb system is a complete package system. This includes every as required by the customer to handle bulk liquid product including consultation, engineering and design, fabrication, installation of the handling system at the customer's facility (with the exception of external electrical work) and start-up of the system.

The tank will arrive at the customer location where our team will set and anchor the tank in place. Next, our team of technicians will furnish and install all necessary piping, metering and batching equipment to connect to single or multiple use point(s). Finally, our technicians will complete the initial sanitation of the tank, aide in receiving and/or provide instructions on receiving product loads, calibrate meters and provide training on maintaining the system.

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